2020 Memorial Day by Keiko Rodrigues
2020 Memorial Day by Keiko Rodrigues

Keiko Rodrigues
2020 Memorial Day
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20 inches

During this “Stay Home” era, my daily walking path expanded to this new area. There are less cars providing more space to walk. Every weekend new flowers were added.


Keiko Rodrigues was born and raised in Japan.   In 1996, she moved to Hawaii and has been a resident of Kaneohe since 2008.   She loves windward Oahu’s natural beauty.

“I always loved art and I always wished to learn oil painting.   Around age 50,  when I went back to WCC and KCC, I had a chance to take several basic art classes.   While attending school, I got a part time job at the Koa Gallery in KCC (Kapiolani Community College).  Those experiences increased my Interest to create art.”   Keiko recalls.  

Keiko continued to paint for enjoyment throughout the years. The recent Covid-19 “Stay at Home” orders encouraged her to return to painting with renewed vigor.  “I’m glad that I did it.” she states.